The Top Portable (Handheld) Vaporizers | Best Vape Reviews

In this article, we’re going to go over our best picks for the portable vaporizers on the market. You’ll find our reviews, as well as some nice bullet points definitively outlying the major features and our thoughts on the vape. We are just some dudes who absolutely love vapes. In fact, we’ve smoked pretty much everyone :)

What Qualifies Us?

Here’s just some of the portable/handheld vapes we’ve smoked.

  • Pax
  • Arizer Solo
  • Firefly
  • Magic Flight Launch
  • Iolite WISPR 2
  • Iolite Original
  • DaVinci
  • Palm 2.0
  • Puffit
  • Vapir Oxygen
  • Ascent

Our Top 3 Picks for 2014

#1 The Pax By Ploom


  • Best Overall VapeProbably the easiest to use vaporizer. You literally push down on the top and it starts to heat up. Within 30 seconds, you’re vaping.
  • Sleek & Pocket SizedThis vaporizer is the smallest on the market. It can fit directly into your pocket or purse. It is incredibly easy to carry around with you.
  • 30 seconds heat up timeThis is one of the faster heating vaporizers out there.
  • Great Taste
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Best for on the Go

#2 FireFly


  • Cell Phone Like VapeThis vape looks like a new school flip phone. It is the brand new vaporizer that is the major competitor to the Pax
  • Pocket Sized, but heavierIt is a little bit heavy and has a lot of components to it. I would compare it to the feel of a heavy flip phone.
  • INSTANT heat up timeYes. You read correctly. There is no wait time from the time you push power to when you vape. It INSTANTLY is ready to go.
  • Great Taste Portables 8.7/10
  • A little Harder to Use
  • OK for on the go
  • 8.9 Overall Rating – Click to read the review

#3 Magic Launch Box


  • On a Budget VapeWhen you factor in the price with this vape, it makes the top 3.
  • Pocket SizedIncredibly popular vaporizer amongst those just getting into vaping.
  • 3-10 seconds heat up timeIncredibly fast heat up time.
  • Good Taste
  • Somewhat DiscreetThe smell is stronger with this one. Although it’s not like smoking a bowl, there is some smell when it is cooking and when you are vaping.
  • Beginner FriendlyPretty good on the go
  • 8.5 Overall Rating – Click to read the review

Ok dudes and dudettes…So below are just some quick and dirty info on our top 5 vaporizers. You’ll get some info about the vape, as well as our overall thoughts about why we like it. You can expect all vapes on this list to be of high quality. Any vape you choose on this list would be an awesome choice.

Without further adieu…Here’s our top 5.

#1 Pax by Ploom
pax vaporizer smallBy far the best on the market. This is what majority of people go with when they buy a portable and it’s for good reason. It is incredibly sleek and sexy. You can fit it straight into your pocket. In terms of the vapor strength, it’s the definitely the best in terms of vapor and how hard you can pull. You can get a pretty decent rip out of it.

There are 3 different heat settings, making it very easy to adjust. They are low (yellow), medium (orange), high (red).

The chamber where the the herbs are kept is pretty big for it being such a sleek device. You can definitely pack quite a few hits worth in there, which is unlike a lot of other portable devices where you can’t pack that much.

  • Smallest & lightest vaporizer on the market at 98 grams.
  • No tube is needed for smoking.
  • Heat up time is at around a minute
  • Battery life is great at 2 hours of continual use. It also charges in under 2 hours.
  • Easiest to use by far.

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#2 The Fireflyfirefly_vaporizer

This is the newest portable on the market and it will fit in right with your cell phone. The Firefly is a convection style vape, which means it uses the heated air to start cooking the herbs, as opposed to a heated surface.

Immediately it jumped up to #3 in our book. Why? It has comparable quality to the Pax and Arizer Solo. The quality of vapor is up there with them, as well as the density.

Downside? Not the easiest to use, a bit heavy, and battery life isn’t as good as compared to others.

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#3 Magic Flight Launch Box

magic-flight-launch-box-main_3This is a nice little vape that is great for beginners. The reason we like the MFLB a lot is because of its price. Although it’s quality and draw ability don’t match the Pax or Firefly, it is still a great vape. If you haven’t gotten a vaporizer before and don’t want to invest a lot of money, you won’t be disappointed with the Magic Flight.

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#4 Arizer Solo

arizer solo by the handThe Arizer Solo is very similar in terms of quality to the Pax. The major differences are that you have more preset temperatures to choose from. This is going to influence how much vapor comes out upon each draw you take. Another thing that is different is that there is an automatic shutoff. So after 12 minutes of being on, it will automatically shut off.

  • The battery life is 2 hours.
  • It heats up in about 2.5 minutes

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#5 Puffit-Xthe puffitx

Probably the coolest & most unique of all of these portables. The reason being is that it looks like an inhaler! I’ve pulled this out countless times with people who are vaping for the first time and they are truly dumfounded. The reason it comes in at #4 though is because of it’s lack of vapor. I am someone who likes to SEE the vapor and be able to take big draws. Although this one gets the job done very effectively, I personally look for a vape that has the ability to take big draws.

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All of the vaporizers above are worthwhile. And we’re confident you wouldn’t be disappointed with whichever vape you end up getting. But the Pax Vaporizer is by far the best. It’s our go to portable and we feel it’s superior to the other vapes. The reason is is that we want a PORTABLE one…You know…one you can just throw into your pocket without it getting in the way…The Pax does that best, while giving the best vapor quality & density.

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