Quick Start Guide to Vaping Herbs

We realize vaping can be confusing at first. Which is why we put up this guide. Basically you will find everything you need to know about vaping and vaporizers in this guide.


Why People Love Vapes

  • Limited Smell
  • Reduces the amount you spend on bud – you can get more!
  • Healthy alternative for smoking

Most Affordable Way to Get Vaping:

The best way to get vaping would be to pick up a cheap vaporizer from Vape World. You can get a pretty decent vaporizer for about $100.

Website: VapeWorld.com

How Does a Vaporizer Work?

Which Vaporizer is the best?

This is a great debate ongoing between which is the best vaporizer. After much deliberation, we’ve come up with our top choices.

Here are Our Top Choices:

If you’d like to see our whole article on the best herbal vaporizers, go here.

1) Extreme Q Vapozier

2) Volcano Vaporizer

3) Pax by Ploom Vaporizer

4) Plenty Vaporizer

5) Silver Surfer Vaporizer

An Introduction to Vaporizers

Hi everyone! Welcome to our site.

On this website we’ll be going to going over all of the various vaporizers and giving a review about them. I decided to create this website because I am a huge fan of vaping and would love to share those experiences with all of you. Hopefully my findings about vaporizer brands can help you find one that’s right to you.

As for me, I’m Larry (the cool dude on the left). I’ve been smoking since the young age of 13, that’s over 10 years now. I can proudly say that I’ve smoked out of pretty much every single apparatus out there!

As a smoker though, I am someone who has always enjoyed a nice fat blunt, joint, or a spliff, even some bong rips. And not just occasionally, we’re talking on a daily basis. Marijuana is just something that has always helped me in life. Due to my heavy smoking habits, I really started to feel it take a toll on my body and my bank account. No joke…I was just spending way too much.

Which brings me to vaporizers…

Back in college my friends and I would smoke quite a bit. One day my buddy shows up with a vaporizer, something completely foreign to me at the time.

He shows it off starts talking about how great it is. I’m like yeah..ok..whatever…

I give him a nug (for what you would pack a normal bowl with) and he literally gave me the whole nug back and said, “dude, this is a vape – you have to put a pinch in of bud to smoke the equivalent to a whole bowl.” I was immediately taken back by the statement because I thought wow…I could smoke more for less money. 

I was still hesitant though as I have always been a blunt/joint guy. After my first hit I was sold. The taste was just amazing. I can’t say it enough. I was blown away that bud could taste that good. As for the high, it’s awesome if not better.

What Really Sold Me On Vapes

Aside from a great smoke, there are really only two reasons I personally started vaping.


Spending over $300+ a month of herbs is a pretty expensive habit. As someone with not much income, there was no way I could continually be paying that much for bud.

So I realized that if I just invested in a vaporizer, I would be able to cut that in half, if not more, and still be able to smoke as much as I wanted to AND be able to smoke my friends out comfortably. With that said, I ended up getting one and I haven’t looked back.


Have you ever take a rip and blown it onto white paper or paper toweling? Yeah…It’s pretty gross.

For someone who was smoking a blunt or a couple spliffs a day, I was really taking a toll on my lungs. My girlfriend was constantly yapping at me that if I don’t do something about my cough that “I’m going to die”. I’ll be honest, it did sound like I was going to at time. Not to mention I would hock up some of the blackest loogies of all time (sorry for the graphic image).

I found that a vape was able to help solve 2 of my major issues with smoking herbs.

If Cost is Your Primary Motivation

We recommend going over to this site and picking up their starter vape for $100. This is by far the most effective vape for the price. I won’t lie to you. There are cheaper vapes, the thing is though – they will not work or end up breaking easily. Of course if you’re investing in something like a vape, it should be a one time purchase. You shouldn’t have to buy another one in 6 months.