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This page is dedicated for marijuana based vaporizers. If you are looking for our best E-Cigs of 2015, CLICK HERE.

We are going to go over our top choices for the best brands of vaporizers for 2015. On this page we provide our reviews, as well as some quick bullet points. There will also be some coupon codes for you guys to save money. We’re just a couple of dudes who love vaporizers and figured we would create this site to share our experiences with them.

What Qualifies Us?

Here are some of the vapes we have used and quite frankly…it’s too many…

  • Extreme Q
  • Volcano
  • Pen Max
  • Silver Surfer
  • NO2
  • Da Buddha
  • Iolite
  • MFLB
  • Eclipse
  • Launch Box
  • Cool Mist
  • The Lightbulb
  • Vaporite
  • Magic Flight
  • Volcano
  • Atmos Raw
  • O Pen
  • G Pen

Check back later to see if we will be updating this. We’re always adding new vapes to our list.

Our Top 5 Picks for Vapes in 2015:

You can check out our full reviews below or just read some bullet points below – totally your call!

1) Volcano – Our Review

2) Extreme Q – Our Review

3) Pax – Our Review

4) The Plenty – Our Review

5) Silver Surfer – Our Review

The Quick Bullet Points


  • I’m sure you’ve heard of this one. As it is world renowned and considered the absolute best. This is what the pros use.
  • It comes in either digital or classic. Digital has a temperature display, like a digital clock. While the classic, is a knob you turn. You are able to get a more accurate amount of degrees with the classic.
  • Smoke through a balloon bag.
  • Everyone loves it because of it’s quality, performance and ease of use.
  • Easily control the density of the vapor produced.
  • Comes at a high price point – $530+ depending on if digital or classic and what valve type you get. With this though, comes everything you would need to get it up and running.
  • Best Feature: Quality, ease of use, and durability take the cake. There’s no better vape that produces a quality vapor like this. Furthermore, the machine doesn’t break easily.

Want to learn more? Read our official review here

Where to get it – VapeWorld
Extreme Q:


  • Awesome tabletop vape and high quality. The vapor doesn’t get much better than this.
  • Top rated, as I’m sure you’ve seen from many other websites.
  • Adjust your temperature with a digital clock.
  • The major competitor of the Volcano. with it’s low much lower price of $240+ – this makes it the most bang for your buck.
  • Great starters vape.
  • Best feature: You are able to vape from a bag or whip (direct draw from a tube).

Where to get it – VapeWorld or read our official review here

Pax by Ploom

This is a dope portable vape. You can take this little guy anywhere with you as it is super small and discreet. How small? Fit it into your pocket small!

  • Heat up time is incredibly quick at about a minute.
  • 3 heat settings: low, medium, or high.
  • Super easy to use – pack the bud into the chamber at the bottom, let it heat up, and you’re good to go!
  • In terms of vapor, it won’t produce as strong as a vapor as Volcano, ExtremeQ, or any of the other ones. It’s actually a little tough to hit.
  • Reasonably priced – $250
  • Decent sized chamber. Fully packed will leave you with quite a few hits.
  • Best Feature: SIZE. I take this guy EVERYWHERE with me. It’s just so small and convenient.

Where to get it – VapeWorld or read our official review here

The Plenty
plenty vaporizer model

If the Plenty vape were laying in a mechanic shop, you probably would have no idea it’s actually a vaporizer. No joke – this vape looks like a power tool!

  • It’s like if you were smoking out of a smaller power drill. It’s just cool. I pulled this out at a party and kids were going bonkers.
  • The thing hit’s like a champ through it’s whip draw.
  • Extremely straightforward to use and adjust the temperature.
  • Easily able to pack your herbs into the chamber below. It’s a good sized chamber for it too, so you will get plenty of hits without having to repack the bowl.
  • Coiling tube seems to really help with the smoothness and taste in comparison to other vapes.
  • Best Feature: The “wow” factor. STRONG vapor. Love that you don’t have to have a draw tube.

Where to get it – VapeWorld or read our official review here

The Silver Surfer

Another high quality vape that lines up with the ones above.

  • Produces a strong vapor. Heat settings are pretty easy and consistent. You can really find a nice heat setting you like because of the wide range of variability in the knob. Some vapes you’re unable to really alter the heat settings to get that perfect temp!
  • Not a huge problem, but worth noting… It is not able to fully cook all of the herbs at once due to a weird positionsilver surfaing of the tube and glass.
  • You’re able to get customizable colors. Makes for a personal touch on your vape. I got green!
  • On the higher side of prices at $300+
  • One annoyance is the draw tubes. They are just annoying
  • Best Features: Very cool looking while getting the job done.

Where to get it – VapeWorld or read our official review here


Some Advice

When you are looking for a vaporizer, you need to ask yourself whether you are primarily going to be vaping at home with a desktop unit (a unit you cannot take with you easily). Or do you want one that is portable. This is main question you should be asking. If you want to be on the go, you want to go with the Pax. If you are at home, then the Volcano. If you don’t have the money go with the Extreme Q. If you’re looking for something cheaper, I would recommend saving your money until you can grab the Extreme Q.

Best Aspects for a Vape

There are many different aspects of a vaporizer that we cared about when choosing the best. Here are our overall picks in regards to the different aspects listed.

Most Bang for Your Buck – Extreme Q

Best Portable – Pax

Best Tabletop – Volcano

Best Pen – Dr. Dabber

Cleanest Vapor -Volcano

Strongest Vapor – Plenty

Best Taste – Volcano

Most Fun – Volcano / Extreme Q

Most Attention – The Plenty

Quickest Heat Up Time – Pax

Sexiest – Silver Surfer (still up for debate!!)

Most Durable – Volcano

Biggest Hitter – Plenty

Best for no smell – Any wax only pen

Where to Buy Our Top Picks

If you’re buying a vape online you’ll definitely want to check out vapeworld. They have free and quick shipping on vaporizers. It is where we get all of our vaporizers from.

Here’s an article from the New York Times about how popular vapes are becoming.